Dr Raed Ajlouni was recommended by my wife’s dentist in Iowa City Iowa whom she loved. She asked him if he could recommend a dentist in Oklahoma where we lived and he said he didn’t know of anyone in OK he could recommend but he knew a great dentist in Dallas (at that time that was where Raed was). When she went to see Raed we didn’t know there were two great dentists Raed and his brother Khal. After going to a couple of dentists in OK to discuss implants I talked to Raed and decided that I would drive the short 300 mile roundtrip to get them in Dallas. Dr Khal did extensive work on me in 2006 and 2007 and I couldn’t be happier. Since I don’t live nearby I have been seen by other dentists and hygienists and all have commented favorably on the implants. Both Khal and Raed, as well as their staff, are extremely nice and make patients feel comfortable and at ease. I have usually had good experiences at other dentists, but these guys are the best.

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