“Davinci dentistry is number one! About six years ago, I became very disillusioned with another dentist. My feeling was that I was over charged, constantly being sent to another specialist to take care of a procedure, and still in pain. There were several issues that were going to take about 2 years to complete. After discussions with my husband, dental shopping was my hobby for the next several months. I personally visited and interviewed several dentist practices. The following criteria were on the list: good credentials, an office that could take care of dental implants; which included all of the steps and excluded being sent to other specialists, being treated with respect, and being charged fairly for the treatment. Dr. Khal and Dr. Raed were kind, professional, caring and did excellent work. All of the work was done at their office, with no more driving all over the Metroplex. It was a long process, but the work was excellent, with very little pain associated with it. Today I am pain free. They were fair in pricing and still take care of my husband and me today. It’s the most positive situation encountered for me at any dentist. Both of them teach at the Baylor dental school and are very current on treatments and methods. Love them“

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