“I highly recommend Dr. Khal & Dr. Raed at Davinci Dentistry. I have used their office for all my dental needs for about 5 years. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. My husband and i both receive great care at our routine cleanings. I also have additional extensive dental care services required. Both Dr. Khal and Dr. Raed strive to provide you with the best care and peace of mind. My care has included replacement fillings, bone grafting when needed to prepare for dental implantation, a new partial / flipper with “fake” teeth to maintain spaces and aesthetic appearance during the implantation process. I chose Davinci Dentistry for their knowledge, experience, and genuine care for their patients. The pricing is very competitive and further assured my confidence in choosing Davinci Dentistry for their fantastic care without inflated prices. At Davinci Dentistry top care doesn’t have to cost top dollar! Once you meet the staff you will know they see you as a person not dollar signs.“

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