What is better, a bridge or an implant?

They each have advantages and disadvantages. Since any cosmetic situation that involves a missing tooth presents its own challenges and circumstances, careful and well-thought-out plans will give the best outcome. The advantage of an implant is that it will permanently replace a tooth since it’s anchored in the bone with a crown placed on top of it. A disadvantage of implants is that the process can take at least 6-8 months to complete. Bridges are not anchored into the bone like implants are, but they are anchored to adjacent teeth. This will require preparation of teeth for crowns. If you have teeth that do not have any fillings in them or are minimally restored you might not want to put crowns on them for a bridge. In this case it would be better to do an implant. But, the advantage of having a bridge as opposed to an implant is that it is fairly quick and can be completed in a few short weeks. Bridges can be done with an all porcelain system so that they can look beautiful. If the adjacent teeth are getting weak from poor bone support or excessively large fillings, having a bridge in place will give the teeth more support. With the all porcelain systems, teeth can be prepared for bridges more conservatively than before.

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