Cosmetic Dentistry

dentist southlake txCosmetic dentistry is one of the most rapidly expanding niches within the oral health professions today. This means you have options if you are concerned about the look of your smile, and your dentist can help.

At DaVinci Dentistry, we are skilled in family, implant and cosmetic dentistry, which means we have dedicated our careers to bringing cutting-edge restorative and esthetic techniques to our patients so that they can enjoy the benefits of a healthy, beautiful smile.

Some of the cosmetic dentistry services available to our patients include:

Teeth whitening – This non-invasive option is used to bleach stains caused by coffee, tea, medications, etc. Our in-office Zoom! Whitening System takes just one hour.

Bonding – Composite resins and other bonding materials aren’t just used to fill cavities and protect exposed roots. They also can be used to improve your smile when teeth have extra space between them or are broken or cracked.

Veneers – Used to change the color and shape of a tooth by covering its front surface.

Crowns – Used to change the color and appearance of a tooth by completely covering it.

Bridges – When one or more teeth are missing, a bridge anchors the false tooth to your other teeth that have been prepared with crowns.

Implants – This is the longest-term solution for missing teeth, in which we surgically implant titanium screws into the jawbone and connect them to abutments and crowns for natural appearance and function.

At DaVinci Dentistry, we want to ensure that any cosmetic dentistry treatment we provide is tailored toward your specific needs, comfort level and budget. This means if you’re not already a patient, we’ll want to meet with you to get a feel for your oral health, smile goals and expectations, because we know the journey toward your smile makeover is just as important as the end result. If you need a cosmetic dentist in Southlake, TX give us a call. 

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